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Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Distribution Study

Posted September 2021.

This Study about the strategic warehousing and logistics sector in the county was jointly commissioned by the Leicester & Leicestershire authorities and the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership. The study has been prepared by G L Hearn in partnership with MDS Transmodal and Iceni Projects.

The study provides a comprehensive and up to date analysis of the strategic distribution sector, defined as units of 9,000sqm and above, and the factors which will impact on its future operation. In addition to using data from a wide range of sources, the consultant team engaged with developers and agents to gain insight into the operation of the property market for this sector. An important output of the study is the assessment of how much additional floorspace is likely to be needed for rail-served and road-served strategic distribution covering the period 2020 to 2041.

A number of previous studies have been prepared on this subject, dating back to 2013. This latest study provides a comprehensive updated position with respect to the future need for floorspace and the quantum of additional land needed to accommodate it and effectively supersedes the findings in those earlier studies.

The study will form part of the evidence base for the Leicester and Leicestershire authorities’ Local Plans. The authorities will continue their joint working on this subject with the aim of agreeing how the need for additional floorspace can best be addressed within the county. Subject to this, it will be for individual authorities to make specific provision for the sector in their own Local Plans as appropriate.

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