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The Strategic Growth Plan is being prepared in three key stages:

The Strategic Growth Statement’ Stage – Setting the scene

The Draft Plan Stage – Preparing the details of the plan

The Final Plan Stage – Finalising the plan

Where are we

Stage 1 - Strategic Growth Statement

Consultation in Summer 2016 about:
- High level objectives
- Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
- What to include as the evidence base of the plan
- Different types of options for the distribution of growth.

Stage 2 - Developing the evidence base

We are currently bringing together the detailed information to help develop the Plan.

Stage 2 - Developing the Draft Strategic Growth Plan

The Draft Strategic Growth Plan will set out;
- housing targets
- Employment land
- Areas of search/directions of growth for new development
- Major infrastructure requirements
- Protecting environmental assets

Stage 2 - Consultation on the Draft Strategic Growth Plan

In the Summer/ Autumn of 2017 you will have an opportunity to have your say about the Draft Strategic Growth Plan during the public consultation.

Stage 3 - Developing the Final Strategic Growth Plan

During the winter of 2017/18 we will consult further on a revised plan that takes into account the feedback from the consultation on the draft plan.